6 Tips for Creating an Effective Clean Skincare Routine

A range of clean beauty products to use in a clean skincare routine.

Scroll down your Instagram feed or click through your favourite beauty blog and you’ll be sure to notice one thing: clean beauty is big in 2020!  The mere fact that the clean beauty industry is projected to generate $22 billion in 2024 (double what it was worth in 2016), shows a huge global interest in clean skincare products. As the clean beauty movement gains momentum, so are more and more brands hopping on the bandwagon, which begs the questions: is your clean skincare routine really that clean, or are you falling prey to sly marketers who are latching onto the clean beauty movement?

To answer these questions, in this week’s blog post we’re sharing how to create a clean skincare routine that is not only non-toxic, sustainable and natural, but genuinely effective, too.

1) Less is more

Influencers’ extravagant beauty hauls may tempt you to stock up on a product for every function, but this is not only a waste of money – it’s unsustainable, too.  The truth is that you don’t need to use dozens of products before you even put on your makeup! Using multi-use products are a far more sustainable option, and choosing high-quality skincare products with effective concentrations of active ingredients totally eliminate the need for more than the following:


  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturiser (and an SPF for daytime)
  • Evening moisturiser
  • Serum
  • A multi-mask
  • Exfoliant


Cleanser, toner and moisturiser are the staples of any skincare routine, both morning and night. Investing in a multi-mask that covers a large range of functions allows for a longer, more effective absorption of active ingredients and should be used twice a week. Meanwhile, serums contain potent concentrations of actives that can be chosen to target specific concerns such as wrinkles and redness. Finally, an effective exfoliant should be used twice a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.


These are the only products one really needs for an effective skincare routine – given that all products contain non-toxic active ingredients, of course.

2) Read the label

With so many companies piggybacking off the clean beauty trend, and with no official regulation as to what constitutes as a “clean beauty” brand, labels can often be misleading. Typical terms used to “greenwash” skincare products are:

  • Paraben-free
  • Natural
  • Chemical-free
  • Clean
  • Dermatologist-approved
  • Non-Toxic

While these claims may well be true, they do not give a clear indication of everything else which may actually be in your skincare products. The only way to be sure about what you are intending to put on your skin is to thoroughly read the label and look out for potentially harmful ingredients.

Also, avoid being misled by brands that promote an excessive number of ingredients in any given formulation as a selling point or benefit.  Packing ‘over 40’ or ‘over 70’ ingredients into a formulation presented in 30ml or 50ml, has no sound rationale, as the percentages of each active ingredient will be far too low to be effective.  It is far more feasible to identify brands using higher percentages of fewer active ingredients, as only this will give the desired outcomes

3) Make sure your clean skincare products are certified

Alternatively, since you probably don’t have time to memorise a long list of chemical names, the best option is to choose products that have already been certified by reputable organisations such as Positive Luxury, ECOCERT and Cosmetique Bio. These certifications will ensure that the products that form part of your skincare routine meet the high standards laid out by these regulatory boards.

4) Check where your products are made

When in doubt, choose products that are made in Europe. The European Union has banned over 1300 ingredients in skincare products, as well as outlawed animal testing. Some other key markets have only banned less than 10 ingredients in comparison.  With such strict regulations, skincare products made in the EU can often be trusted when using labels such as “clean” and “natural”.

5) Ensure your clean skincare products are clinically tested

Just because a skincare product claims that it is non-toxic, doesn’t mean it’s effective, plus almost any ingredient can be potentially  ‘toxic’ if used incorrectly.  The only way to know that a product truly does what it claims to is to ensure it has undergone clinical trials  that produced visible results. When choosing products for your skincare routine, read up on the brands you select to ensure they are as effective as they claim to be.

6) Be aware of the product packaging

While the ingredients used in the product itself are often the first thing we think of when buying clean skincare products, what about the materials used in the packaging? Choosing a brand that not only takes the health of your skin into account but the health of the planet, too, is something to consider when choosing products for your skincare regimen. Look out for brands with FSC-accredited packaging, choose glass jars over plastic bottles and ensure the packaging is 100% recyclable.


Our triple-action multi-use beauty balm is presented in 100% recyclable, hand-crafted boxes made from FSC-accredited materials. A clean beauty product with multiple prestigious certifications, ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE uses only sustainably sourced active ingredients of 100% natural origins. Comprised of 67% active ingredients and clinically proven to provide visible results, it’s the ultimate clean skincare product for both your skin and the environment.

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