Morning Ritual:


Start your day with a radiant glow by incorporating the Eclat Extraordinaire into your morning routine. To activate the product’s magic, simply rub a small amount between your fingers, releasing its potent blend of skincare wonders. Gently apply it to your face and neck as the final step of your morning regimen. You’ll be delighted to discover an instant golden glow that emanates from within.


Depending on your preference, you can revel in the “no makeup” radiance that the active leave-on treatment provides. This gives your complexion a natural, luminous appearance that feels effortlessly beautiful. Alternatively, if you plan to wear makeup, the Eclat Extraordinaire serves as the perfect primer, smoothing the canvas for a flawless application.


The beauty balm’s enchanting formula is enriched with gold embellishments and a sucrose fatty acid ester basis. Together, they create a luxurious, silky protective veil, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and nourished for an impressive duration of up to 24 hours. Embrace the day with confidence, knowing your complexion is at its best.


Mask Ritual:


Indulge in a rejuvenating and transformative “Beauty Flash” pick-me-up with the Eclat Extraordinaire mask ritual. Whenever your skin craves a revitalizing boost, generously apply a thick layer of this magical balm to your cleansed skin. Allow it to work its wonders for a minimum of 10 minutes, or indulge yourself with more time for a self-care escape.


The innovative ester base within the formula works its magic as you gently massage the mask. Witness the transformation from a balm to an exquisite oil-like texture, embracing your skin with its pampering embrace. Upon contact with water, it gracefully morphs into a delicate milky emulsion, creating a sensorial experience that enhances the beauty ritual.


Once the designated time is up, gently remove the mask, revealing skin that appears lifted, plump, and oh-so-alive. The increased circulation from the massage leaves your complexion looking refreshed and rejuvenated. For maximum benefits, follow up with your preferred moisturizer or apply a thin layer of the Eclat Extraordinaire, ensuring your skin continues to bask in the magic it provides.


Sleep Ritual:


As the sun sets and you prepare for a restorative night’s sleep, the Eclat Extraordinaire plays a vital role in your sleep ritual. After cleansing your face, apply a moderate layer of this enchanting beauty balm to your face and neck. Allow the powerful formula to work its overnight wonders, providing your skin with a nourishing and revitalizing treat while you rest.


For an extra boost in results, consider using a massage tool during application. This gentle massage not only increases circulation, which aids in delivering the product’s benefits more effectively but also helps to lift and tone your skin. By stimulating lymph nodes, the massage helps to reduce puffiness and promote a healthier-looking complexion.


The Eclat Extraordinaire features a custom-made ‘Expedition 1800’ therapeutic scent, derived from 100% natural origins. Created in Grasse, this warm, spicy aroma sets the stage for a calming and grounding bedtime experience. As you drift into a peaceful slumber, the beauty balm works tirelessly, ensuring you wake up to a more radiant and rejuvenated you.


Embrace the power of the Eclat Extraordinaire in your daily rituals, and allow it to weave its magic into your skincare journey, bringing out the best in your complexion and providing you with a sensorial experience like no other.


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