How effective are treatment masks? How to choose the right one?

Beauty treatment masks

Your skin gives you signs when it needs a little loving. It gets a bit stressed out too and might be telling you through skin conditions like breakouts or fine lines. Some of us will take the beauty treatment route, however these can be extremely expensive, and you cannot be sure that the products they use are 100% Natural. Manty people believe that there is nothing a good facial treatment mask cannot fix, right? However, do they actually deliver on their claims?

Now, treatment masks can be a great addition to your skincare routine. Treatment masks drive essential ingredients deeper into your skin and work their magic. Thereafter, it is important to delve deeper into the ingredients, understand them and make the right decision before you purchase that treatment mask or skincare session.

Our skin is now under the spotlight more than ever. It is voted as one of the top three contributors to beauty. Naturally, men and women of all ages are paying more attention to their skin. Your skin contributes to important tasks your body performs every day so maintaining good skin health is a part of self-care these days. Being the largest organ of your body, it is crucial to take good care of it and choose the right skincare products.


Choosing the right Treatment Mask – Focus on Ingredients

Treatment masks can be great to give you an instant radiance and work well if you choose the right one. So, make sure to read the product label and look for ones with more of natural ingredients. Words like paraben-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic are great signs! Harsh chemicals and allergens can cause more skin issues than there were already. People with sensitive skin types should specially pay attention to the preservatives present. Just like choosing the right food to put into your body is important, focussing on the ingredients you would be putting into your skin when selecting a treatment mask is crucial as well.

Different ingredients combat different skin concerns. For example, hyaluronic acid would treat dry skin issues, whereas anti-oxidants like vitamin E would help reduce the appearance of fine lines. A product which ticks off most of the essential active ingredients in one seems too good to be true, but the Eclat Extaordinaire from LA FERVANCE is designed just with this intention! This all natural, luxury beauty brand has the ultimate multi-functional product that has 3 unique functions, one of those is as a treatment mask.

What is Extraordinary about the Eclat Extaordinaire?

It is no surprise that products which are all-natural are good for your skin. Clean beauty goes a long way, and that makes this product extraordinary. Enriched with bio-active complex of Australian mountain plant extracts with other essential ingredients like vitamin E and 100% pure HA sources, the Eclat Extaordinaire encourages clean skincare.

Active ingredients in Eclat Extaordinaire you may not find in other treatment masks include:

  • Mimosa and Jojoba extracts
  • Australian Wattle
  • Baobab lifting gel
  • Buriti oil
  • Kakadu plum extract
  • Vitamin E
  • 23K gold
  • Pearly pigments
  • Pure seawater from the French Breton coasts.

Its active ingredients carry anti-inflammatory properties, stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, strengthen the skin barrier function and promote the skin’s healing process. All of them contribute to recovering your skin and providing you with an instant, healthy glow. Have a look at all of Eclat Extaordinaire’s key ingredients here.

Effectiveness of the LA FERVANCE treatment mask

The Eclat Extaordinaire is COSMOS approved and dermatologically tested. The formula is carefully crafted and therefore, has certified results. For maximum effectiveness, this treatment mask should be applied as a thick layer on the face and neck area for at least 10 minutes. It can be left on for longer, letting the product work its magic to its full potential. The formula is absorbed by your skin and when emulsified with water, it creates a beautiful texture with its perfectly balanced ingredients and scent from custom-made fragrances. You can then wash it off to reveal your new, dewy radiance! Repeat this process twice a week and notice your skin transform with the help of its exquisite range natural of ingredients.

This is the skin treatment you need to protect you from the harsh environment conditions. It is best for people who have a busy lifestyle. This high performing product is a multi-functioning mask which can be used an indulgent overnight mask, instant morning glow product or twice weekly as a treatment mask. So, you save time and money on those over-the-top beauty treatments without compromising on results. The clinically proven formula rejuvenates the skin while draining lymph nodes, gets rid of impurities, encourages cell regeneration, improves elasticity and promotes blood circulation. After a skincare session with this luxury beauty product, you will have a more toned complexion and smooth skin.

Whether your main skin concern is acne or wrinkles, this multi-functioning treatment mask will serve your skin well without inducing any cost on your existing skin conditions.

La Fervance’s product Eclat Extraordinaire is developed in France with ingredients from both France and Australia such as mountain pepper, licorice myrtle, wild rosella, kakadu plum extract, buruti oil, Australian wattle, seawater from the French coast, hyaluronic acid and 23-karat gold dust.

“Perfection is our benchmark in everything we do,” says Obeid. “We have a lot in store for 2020, and we’re excited about making a positive impact within the luxury beauty segment.”

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