Protect your hands from sanitizer use & frequent washing

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Hand washing is critical to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The CDC currently recommends washing your hands as often as possible for at least 20 seconds at a time. This frequent washing of hands is necessary, but this essential requirement is causing an influx of dryness and even contact dermatitis. Dry, chapped skin appears with patches of red, scaly inflammation. Deep, painful cracks may also emerge causing itching or pain. This is because water and chemicals break down the skin’s natural barrier. Despite the possible negative effects on the skin, you should still continue to wash your hands. In this post, we’ll offer helpful tips to help combat the irritation that comes along with frequent sanitizer use and hand washing.

Choose the right soap, when possible: Wash your hands with fragrance-free, 100% natural soap.

Use hand sanitizer only when soap is unavailable: Hand sanitizers contain ingredients like alcohol and other solvents that can be harsh on the skin, furthering the breakdown of the skin’s natural barrier.

Wash your hands in lukewarm water for at least 20 seconds: Washing your hands in hot water damages your skin and can cause irritation.

Be Gentle: Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your skin too briskly, as this can cause inflammation and skin breakdown. Minimum 20 secondhand washing is more important.

Use A Moisturizer: Our hands age quickly due to the thinness of hand skin and the constant exposure to the elements. You must moisturize your hands regularly in the same way that you moisturize the skin on your face. Apply a moisturizer right after washing your hands, while the skin is still damp. Moisturizing while your hands are still slightly damp helps lock in the moisture on your skin. Make sure to get the product onto the tips of your fingers, as that area can be prone to dryness and cracking. Reapply whenever your skin feels dry.

Also, give Your Hands Some needed TLC: It’s the perfect time to to use a little Eclat Extraordinaire CLICK HERE on your hands, it will be the ultimate deep treatment to sooth those hands.

Bottom Line: Protect your hands! Use vinyl gloves for housework, especially when washing dishes or using cleaning products. Use effective skincare products. They can help protect and soothe your hands, so that you can continue to wash them often, as recommended.

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