Positive Luxury Makes Finding Sustainable Luxury Brands Easy

The Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury pictured over sustainable luxury skincare brand, LA FERVANCE.

It’s no secret that true luxury comes at a cost, but more than often the price not only reflects in your bank account but the state of the planet, too. With the effects of the climate crisis becoming increasingly apparent, both brands and consumers are realising that something needs to change. But while there are companies who genuinely strive for a greener business model, there are sadly many who market themselves as sustainable luxury brands when really they are not. With Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark, consumers can now easily tell the difference between the two.

Who is Positive Luxury?

Positive Luxury exists to drive innovations and encourage luxury brands to act more sustainably. Brands that meet their exceptionally high standards are awarded the Butterfly Mark, which is a promise to consumers that their purchases have a net positive impact.

Why is the Butterfly Mark important?

To date, there are no government regulations or official criteria for terms like “green”, “sustainable” or “ethical”. Certifications like the Butterfly Mark are necessary to create benchmark standards for luxury brands to adhere too. This encourages brands to actively strive for more sustainable practices, while also enabling consumers to support brands that meet only the highest standards.

How are sustainable luxury brands awarded the Butterfly Mark?

Brands that apply for Butterfly Mark certification must adhere to strict criteria that ensure they are as sustainable as they claim to be. Positive Luxury along with their external partners carefully examine these brands, looking for proof that they check the following boxes.

1) Responsible Governance

Sustainability and social responsibility must be at the core of the brand’s approach to leadership, ensuring all business actions are ethical.

2) Social Performance

Brands must ensure their business practices support fair labour practices and conditions for not only their employees but workers all along their supply chain, too.

3) Environmental Performance

Companies must actively reduce their environmental impact at every level of production and logistics in terms of water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, wildlife protection and the sourcing of their ingredients.

4) Community Investment

Brands with the Butterfly Mark must actively give back to society.

5) Innovation

Brands must use innovative approaches to continually strive for increased sustainability.

Which luxury brands have been awarded the butterfly mark ?

Over a hundred sustainable luxury brands have already been named “Brands to Trust” by Positive Luxury, affording them the coveted Butterfly Mark. This includes luxury fashion brands Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, watch brand Tag Heuer, and high-end skincare brand LA FERVANCE.

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