How to take care of dry skin in winter

Dry Skin

The LA FERVANCE story started when we moved our family from Melbourne to Paris. But even though we adore our new Parisian home, nothing could have prepared us for European winters and, more importantly, the effects it has on our skin! Dry winter skin is something we all suffer from up here in the northern hemisphere, but as frustrating as it can be, it’s also the perfect excuse to ramp up our skincare routines. In this week’s blog, we’ll discover what causes dry, flaky skin in winter as well as how to take care of dry skin and restore moisture for a gorgeous glow – even on the darkest and dreariest days of the year.

What causes dry skin in winter?

When the temperatures drop outside, so do the humidity levels. This allows the water in your skin to evaporate faster, even if there’s not a ray of sunshine to be seen outside! As your skin loses its ability to lock in moisture, it becomes tight, dry and flaky. 

Other causes for dry, itchy skin in winter include

  • Indoor heating that completely dries out the air 
  • Lack of hydration
  • Scratchy fibres in warm winter clothes that irritate dry skin further

But while nothing can be done about the weather conditions, there are steps you can take to control your environment, beauty regimen and diet.

Tips for preventing dry winter skin

1) Avoid taking hot showers and baths

A long hot bath may be the ultimate indulgence in the cold winter months, but long exposure to heat will cause the moisture in your skin to evaporate faster. To avoid this, cap your showers or baths to 5 minutes, and be sure to moisturise as soon as you get out and dry your body to lock in the moisture. 

2) Invest in a humidifier

A humidifier releases moisture into the air and has a range of benefits including relieving congestion (perfect for seasonal colds and flu) and preventing dry skin. Investing in a humidifier is also particularly important if you’re using indoor heating – which we all do during the cold winter months.

3) Use a heavy face cream, even during the day

While in summer we may reserve heavy lotions for the night time, dry skin in winter needs extra protection again evaporation. Moisturisers that include light oils that won’t clog the skin are your best bet. Creams that are labelled as “night creams” often contain these oils, so don’t be afraid to swop out your day cream for night cream in the winter months.

4) Create a solid evening routine

Your skin undergoes some wild transformations while you sleep, which is why a nighttime skincare routine is so important! Firstly, your skin doesn’t secrete as many oils while your sleep, which allows for increased evaporation. Secondly, studies suggest that your skin cells undergo mitosis (cell division that repairs your skin) between 11pm and midnight. This is when you are most receptive to active ingredients that nourish your skin – especially if it’s dehydrated. For these reasons, always apply a non-toxic, active nighttime skincare product such as LA FERVANCE ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE before you go to bed so that your skin can lock in moisture and make the most of the active ingredients in the product. 

5) Wash your face with lukewarm water

Just like a hot shower will, paradoxically, remove the moisture from your skin, so will hot water while washing your face. Instead, wash your water with lukewarm water that won’t remove your skin’s natural oils using a mild, non-toxic cleanser and gently pat your skin down with a soft towel made from natural fibres whenever possible.

6) Avoid harsh toners

Sustainable, non-toxic toners are great for oily skin, but if you’re suffering from dry winter skin it’s best to avoid alcohol-based toners. If you simply can’t skip that clean-skin feel you usually get from your toner, use an oil-based serum or face mist instead.

7) Stay hydrated

Water, water, water! We tend to forget to stay hydrated in the cold winter months, opting for coffee or caffeinated teas instead. Ditch the caffeine and embrace warm water with lemon or green tea.

8) Avoid dehydrating makeup

Powder makeup is a big no-no for dry skin. Not only does it appear flakey and uneven over dry patches of skin, but it also absorbs what little moisture is left. Opt for creamy foundation, concealers and blush or, even better, opt for an instant glow product that will illuminate and moisturise your natural skin without the need for heavy makeup. 

9) Eat hydrating foods

Water isn’t your only source of hydration this winter. Foods that are good for your skin and have high water content include melons, tomatoes, cucumbers and soup. While these are all great supplements to your daily water intake, be sure to stay hydrated and consume enough liquids throughout the day as well.

10) Choose clean beauty products with hydrating ingredient

The skincare products you use should work to actively hydrate your skin, particularly in winter. Choosing clean beauty products with active ingredients that are clinically proven to replenish dehydrated skin is the best way to care for dry skin in winter. For example, LA FERVANCE ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE can be used as a hydrating treatment mask thanks to its high concentration of moisturising active ingredients including buruti oil, Australian mountain harvest extracts and real Italian gold.

11) Only wash your face once a day

During the warmer summer months, your skin produces excess sweat and oils, making it necessary to wash your face more than once a day. To care for your skin in the dry winter months, it’s best to only wash once daily to help maintain your natural oils and prevent excess evaporation.

12) Opt for clean beauty products

Harsh chemicals found in regular cosmetic products can irritate and dehydrate your skin. Clean beauty products that contain no potentially harmful chemicals should be used whenever possible, as they are gentler on sensitive skin and will have no harmful side effects.

13) Cover up

Exposing bare skin to harsh weather conditions is an easy way to lose moisture. Be sure to cover up with soft materials made of natural, organic fibres to protect your skin from the dry outside air

14) Exfoliate gently

It’s incredibly important to exfoliate regularly in the winter months to remove dry, dead skin. However, don’t over-exfoliate! Harsh scrubbing will make dry, sensitive skin even worse and will remove moisture from your skin instead of keeping it hydrated.

15) Oil-based products are your friend

Your skin loses moisture when its stripped of its natural oils. Clean beauty products that use natural oil extracts will help to lock in your skin’s moisture. Add a few drops of essential oil to your moisturiser or choose clean beauty products that are already rich in healthy oils.

16) If all else fails, visit a skin specialist

While dry skin in winter is normal, if you follow the steps above your skin should appear soft and hydrated in no time. If this isn’t the case, be sure to visit a dermatologist or esthetician so they can properly analyse your skin and advise accordingly. 

The best product for dry, winter skin

LA FERVANCE ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE was developed as a multi-use beauty balm with over 30 functions, including nourishing and moisturising. Made from sustainably sourced active ingredients of 100% natural origins, ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE is the ultimate clean beauty product. It won’t dry or damage your skin but instead has been clinically proven to visibly moisturise, firm and plump. 

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