White Label vs. Original Formulation: Unveiling the Distinction in Skincare


When it comes to skincare products, the market offers two main types of formulations: white label and original formulations. While both options have their merits, knowing the difference and understanding the steps involved in creating each can help consumers make informed decisions. This article will shed light on these contrasting formulation types, highlighting the unique characteristics and advantages of original formulations.

White Label Formulation

White label skincare products are typically pre-existing formulations that are rebranded and marketed under different brands or labels. Like other white label or store-brand products, these are created by third-party manufacturers and sold to multiple companies who then repackage them and label them as their own.

Selection of Pre-Existing Formulation

The process of creating a white label skincare product begins with the selection of a pre-existing formulation from a manufacturer’s catalog. These formulations have already been developed and tested, making them readily available for duplication, customization, and relabeling.

Minimal Customization

The chosen formulation is often minimally customized, only adding branding elements, such as the company logo, packaging design, and product name. The core ingredients and formulation actually remain largely unchanged.

Limited Control and Originality

Once the third-party manufacturers sell their white label skincare products to companies that market them as their own,  these companies have very little control and add limited originality.  Since the products are pre-made, multiple brands can offer identical or similar products, often differing only in labeling and packaging. This lack of uniqueness can limit a company’s ability to differentiate itself and its products in the market.

Original Formulation

In contrast, original formulations are developed from scratch, allowing for more creative control, customization, and unique product offerings. These formulations are typically developed by skincare companies themselves or in collaboration with industry formulators or laboratories.

Research and Development

The process of creating an original formulation begins with thorough research and development. Skincare companies invest in scientific research, ingredient exploration, and formulation experimentation to create a unique and effective product.

Ingredient Selection

Original formulations provide the opportunity to carefully select each ingredient based on its specific benefits, quality, and compatibility. This allows skincare companies to develop a product that addresses specific skin concerns and meets their brand’s standards.

Testing and Optimization

After formulating the initial product, extensive testing is conducted to ensure its safety, efficacy, and stability. This includes both laboratory tests and clinical trials to validate the product’s claims and evaluate its performance. Formulations can then be adjusted and optimized based on test results. The careful and complete process, leads to the creation of a superior skincare product formulated to meet consumer needs.

Advantages of Original Formulations

Uniqueness: Original formulations offer companies the ability to create distinctive skincare products that are unique. This uniqueness can attract and retain customers who want unique and exclusive skincare treatments

Tailored Solutions: Not all consumers have the same skincare challenges and  needs. Original formulations can be tailored to address a wider variety of specific skincare concerns, targeting individual needs and preferences. This customization allows for the inclusion of specialized ingredients and innovative combinations, enhancing the product’s effectiveness.

Quality Control: With original formulations, skincare companies have greater control over the ingredients’ quality, sourcing, and concentrations. This ensures a higher level of quality control and accountability throughout the manufacturing process.

While white label skincare products provide convenience and cost-effectiveness, original formulations offer a superior level of uniqueness, customization, and quality control. By investing in original formulations, skincare companies can establish their brand identity, control ingredient quality and sourcing, deliver tailored solutions for individual needs, and offer customers a more exceptional skin care experience.

In addition to the advantages of the original formulations mentioned above, it is worth noting the commitment of certain skincare brands to using exclusively original formulations made in specific regions. One such example is LA FERVANCE, a renowned skincare brand that prides itself on creating products with original formulations made in France.

French Expertise and Tradition

LA FERVANCE’s choice to make original formulations from France because of the country’s rich history of skincare expertise and understanding of beauty. France is renowned for superior quality ingredients, advanced research facilities, and highly skilled formulators, making it a world center for innovative skincare formulations.

Emphasis on Quality

By insisting on original French formulations,  LA FERVANCE ensures a focus on quality throughout the entire production process. The brand’s commitment to sourcing premium European and clean Australian ingredients whilst working with experienced French laboratories reflects their dedication to delivering exceptional skincare products.

Compliance with Stringent Standards

Europe has stringent regulations and standards for skincare ingredients. By adhering to these strict guidelines, LA FERVANCE demonstrates their commitment to safety, efficacy, and transparency. Consumers can have confidence in the authenticity and reliability of the original formulations used by the brand.

French Artistry and Luxury

French skincare is often associated with elegance, sophistication, quality and luxury. By exclusively using original formulations from France, LA FERVANCE aligns itself with these qualities, offering customers a sensorial and indulgent skincare experience. The brand’s emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail further elevates the reputation of its products.

LA FERVANCE’s dedication to using original formulations made in France adds to the credibility and prestige of their skincare offerings. This commitment highlights the brand’s trust in French expertise, the pursuit of uncompromising quality, and the desire to provide customers with a luxurious and authentically French skincare experience. This has led the brand to be a multi Award winner and considered France’s No. 1 Independent t beauty brand.

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